Zebrasoma Xanthurum - Purple Tang (M)



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Οι ζωντανοί οργανισμοί αποστέλλονται εκτός Θεσσαλονίκης μόνο με ΚΤΕΛ κάθε Τετάρτη και Σαββάτο

Για τη Θεσσαλονίκη η ζωντανοί οργανισμοί παραδίδονται μόνο με παραλαβή από το κατάστημα 

Το κόστος των μεταφορικών με ΚΤΕΛ είναι 10€ για παραγγελίες αξίας ως 50€. Από 51€ και άνω το κόστος των μεταφορικών είναι 7€ 

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Οι αγορές που γίνονται σε υλικά, εξοπλισμό, τροφές και φάρμακα στέλνονται με τα ΕΛΤΑ Courrier.

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Εάν στο καλάθι σας έχετε αγοράσει κάποιο είδος από τους ζωντανούς οργανισμούς τότε η αποστολή γίνεται με ΚΤΕΛ ή με παραλαβή από το κατάστημα (εντός Θεσσαλονίκης) 

Το κόστος των μεταφορικών με ΚΤΕΛ είναι 10€ για παραγγελίες αξίας ως 50€. Από 51€ και άνω το κόστος των μεταφορικών είναι 7€ 

The Purple Tang as Your Aquarium's Crown Jewel

introducing a Purple Tang to your aquarium is not just adding a fish; it’s about creating an environment of awe and respect. It’s an opportunity to showcase your dedication to marine life and your flair for the exquisite. The Purple Tang isn’t just a fish; it’s a journey into the heart of the ocean’s beauty, right in your home.

the Enchanting Purple Tang: Your Ultimate Aquarium Jewel

Dive into the captivating world of the Purple Tang, a majestic and vibrant addition to your aquarium. Uncover the secrets of this exquisite fish and transform your tank into a mesmerizing underwater paradise.

The Purple Tang, a striking marvel of the marine world, is not just a fish; it’s a statement piece for your aquarium. Radiating hues from mystical blue to royal purple, complemented by a sun-kissed yellow tail and pectoral fins, this fish is an embodiment of underwater royalty. Originating from the exotic coral reefs of the Red Sea, the Purple Tang has graced waters from the Arabian Sea to the shores of Sri Lanka, bringing with it a touch of elegance and splendor.

The Rarity and Exclusivity of the Purple Tang

Owning a Purple Tang is akin to possessing a rare gem. Its presence in your aquarium is a testament to your commitment to excellence and sophistication. This fish, often found solo or in elusive schools in the southern Red Sea, is a symbol of uniqueness and individuality. With a potential to grow up to 10 inches, it’s not just a fish; it’s a centerpiece that draws admiration and awe.

Why the Purple Tang is a Must-Have

As one of the most coveted saltwater fish, the Purple Tang is more than just visually stunning. It’s a living piece of art that adds dynamic color and life to your aquarium. For reef aquarium enthusiasts, this fish is a dream come true, elevating the aesthetic appeal of any large fish-only tank or reef setup.

Ideal Habitat for a Thriving Purple Tang

Creating the perfect home for your Purple Tang is key to unlocking its full potential. Good lighting highlights its vibrant colors, while ample swimming space and hiding spots mimic its natural habitat, ensuring a happy and healthy life. This is more than fish care; it’s about crafting an environment where beauty and nature coexist in harmony.

The Unique Temperament of the Purple Tang

The Purple Tang is not just another fish; it’s a character with its own set of traits. Known for its assertiveness, this fish thrives best when its individuality is respected. It prefers not to share its space with similar-shaped fish, especially other Tangs from the Zebrasoma genus. In your tank, it’s not just a fish; it’s a personality.

Nutritional Needs: The Key to a Vibrant Purple Tang

Feeding your Purple Tang isn’t just about sustenance; it’s about enhancing its well-being and coloration. A diet rich in marine-based seaweed and algae fortifies its immune system, tempers its natural vigor, and improves overall health. Products like Sea Veggies, Seaweed Salad, and Ocean Nutrition aren’t just food; they’re a health spa for your Tang, ensuring it stays as resplendent as ever.

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