Sliminator - effective elimination of cyanobacteria ("slime algae"), 480ml

SLIMINATOR™ is a safe and effective water treatment for the control of cyanobacteria (a.k.a. “slime algae”) in marine and freshwater aquaria

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SLIMINATOR™ is a safe and effective water treatment for the control of cyanobacteria (a.k.a. “slime algae”) in marine and freshwater aquaria.  One of the most important features of SLIMINATOR™ is that it does not contain, like most other products, antibiotics that can and will damage biological filtration. It has been scientifically formulated to specifically eliminate cyanobacteria without affecting the facultative anaerobes and nitrifying bacteria essential to effective biologic filtration. SLIMINATOR™ has a long track record of being safe for fish, corals, invertebrates and plants while slowly but effectively eliminating slime algae. It is especially effective for use in new reef and marine aquaria that are especially susceptible to slime algae during the first weeks or months until the biologic filtration has matured. SLIMINATOR™ has a long shelf life at room temperature and is supplied in easy to use, self-dosing bottles.

Is SLIMINATOR™ reef safe?   

Yes.  SLIMINATOR™ is safe for all fish, corals, invertebrates and macroalgae found in reef tanks.

How is SLIMINATOR™ different from other “reef safe” products?  What’s in it?

SLIMINATOR™’s safety has been widely proven in hobby and commercial applications.  The purity of the active ingredient (a 5-nitroimidazole) in SLIMINATOR™ is certified to meet standards of pharmaceutical purity.  Consequently, the SLIMINATOR™ water treatment specifically eliminates cyanobacteria, but without unwanted side effects on beneficial bacteria and other beneficial microbes.  No previous manufacturer has been able to provide 5-nitroimidazole reagents in a neutral aqueous solution, nor in any aqueous solution that confers stability upon dissolved nitroimidazoles.

What’s not in it?

No copper!  In addition, SLIMINATOR™ does not contain erythromycin or other broad spectrum antibiotics.  Finally, SLIMINATOR™ contains no mysterious “natural ingredients” or other undefined “extracts” whose predictability is based largely on folklore.  SLIMINATOR™ does not pretend to provide a one step treatment for the elimination of slime algae.   Available methods for rapid elimination of cyanobacteria are generally based on broad-spectrum antibiotics that have a harmful impact on beneficial bacteria and other beneficial microbes and plankton components, as well as cyanobacteria.  By comparison, SLIMINATOR™ slowly but steadily eliminates only the unwanted cyanobacteria.  The SLIMINATOR™  water treatment strategy is effective in most applications within 12 – 15 days, although longer treatment periods are sometimes required in severe cases.

Can SLIMINATOR™ be used in combination with other RUBY-REEF™ products?  

SLIMINATOR™ can be used with RALLY™ or  KICK-ICH™.

Can SLIMINATOR™ be used in combination with other products or antibiotics? 

SLIMINATOR™ can be used with phosphate and ammonia adsorbants, but not with activated carbon or related products.  Use of SLIMINATOR™ simultaneously with antibiotics or other medications is not recommended.

What is the shelf life of SLIMINATOR™ and how should it be stored? 

SLIMINATOR™ is stable for at least one year if stored at room temperature and out of direct strong light. Do not freeze or store in the cold.  Do not shake prior to or during use and replace caps immediately after use.

Why is SLIMINATOR™ so expensive for a water treatment?

The key reagent in SLIMINATOR™ is expensive to produce at commercial scale, even for applications requiring only technical or even industrial grade levels of purity; by comparison SLIMINATOR™ contains the highest pharmaceutical grade available. The unique 1-liter and 2-liter bottles with calibrated dosing spouts are expensive to purchase and label, while staging and filling require unique, customized operations to meet long-term stability requirements. Finally, SLIMINATOR™ must pass rigorous chemical quality control tests at every stage of production and packaging.

How to use SLIMINATOR™?

Turn off protein skimmers and UV sterilizers, also remove carbon filtration and any absorbent media that would remove SLIMINATOR™ from the water. Dose on days 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13 for normal infections. Add three ounces of SLIMINATOR™ per 50 gallons of total water volume including the filtration system.

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