Maxspect Gyre 350 Cloud Edition - Double



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Maxspect Gyre 350 CE Double (Cloud Edition)
2 Pumps with  power supplies and 1 controller
For the new Gyre 300 Cloud Edition, Maxspect has taken all the great features of the original Gyre 300 and optimized them to deliver the most advanced and highest performing Gyre pump ever.
The directional cages and flow directors have been completely redesigned to offer 4 vertical and horizontal flow directions to provide the optimal flow for an aquarium. Regarding the pump control, this is done with the innovative new Cloud controller, but it can also be done with a connected device from anywhere via the Syna-G Cloud app.
The new Gyre 300 Cloud Edition Maxspect is:
– Uniformly dispersed linear flow which virtually eliminates dead corners,
– 4 clip-on directional flow cages,
– Horizontally and vertically adjustable flow directions,
– Advanced Cloud Controller with 20 Wave Presets that can be selected with just the push of a button,
– Control from anywhere with the new Syna-G Cloud app.
Intuitive Design
Maxspect engineers redesigned the Gyre pump from the ground up, reducing the number of parts while making assembly easier and more intuitive. The new design of the Gyre 300 CE – Cloud Edition pumps has simplified the replacement process so that cleaning time is reduced, and the pump is ready for use again very quickly.

New Advanced Cloud Controller
The new Cloud Edition 300 series gyres are equipped with an advanced controller that features a large, 3.2″ TFT LCD color display, over 20 water pattern presets, WiFi connectivity and the ability to control your pumps from anywhere around the world via the Syna-G Cloud App. The App allows you to connect and control all compatible Maxspect equipment, including lights, via your smart Android or iOS device.

The new Gyre 300 CE Controller (Cloud Edition) is compatible with Gyre 300 Version 1 pumps

Enhanced Flow
The Gyre 300 Cloud Edition pumps feature detachable flow directors with four sided horizontal and vertical flow cages. These allow you to maneuver each director to point the Gyre flow of water where you need it, creating various flow configurations like straight flow, wide flow, spot, flow, or swinging left or right flow patterns. You can also place your pumps closer to the surface of your aquarium without the worry of pulling a noisy vortex of air and improving surface agitation for maximum gas exchange. Best of all, the maneuverable caps block light from reaching the pump components and will reduce the rate at which algae will accumulate for longer operation in-between maintenance.

Technical data

ModelXF350 Cloud Edition
Power consumption:5-60w
Flow Rate:20000 L/h
Suitable for Aquarium:200-3000L
Power Supply unit:100-240V / 50-60Hz
Dimension:325 mm x 75 mm x 38 mm
Cable length from controller to pump3 m
Cable length from power supply to controller1.5 m
Glass Thickness standard Installation20 mm
Glass Thickness with reinforcement magnet25 mm
Βάρος2 kg