Koumansetta Rainfordi



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Οι αγορές που γίνονται σε υλικά, εξοπλισμό, τροφές και φάρμακα στέλνονται με τα ΕΛΤΑ Courrier.

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Το κόστος των μεταφορικών με ΚΤΕΛ είναι 10€ για παραγγελίες αξίας ως 50€. Από 51€ και άνω το κόστος των μεταφορικών είναι 7€ 



The Court Jester Goby, alsoknown as Rainford”™s Goby (or sometimes simply referred to as “˜Old Glory”™), isknown from the sandy and muddy bottoms of turbid, coastal coral reefs, up to30m (98ft) in depth. This is a delicate little fish that requires a mature reeftank with plenty of live rock and sand to provide constant grazingopportunities. It is best to keep either one specimen per tank, or a knownmated pair ““ the latter only if you are blessed with a large system that affordsa plethora of hiding places and ample grazing for both fish. Without an ongoingsupply of microscopic live foods and crops of filamentous algae to browse upon,these fish will not fare well; an additional supply of tiny foods for thispurpose could be cultured constantly in a fishless refugium. These beautifulfish are rarely aggressive towards other species and should only be housed withother fish of similar size and temperament, avoiding close relatives and speciessuch as dottybacks and hawkfish which are prone to picking on small, docile gobiesand the like. Ensure that the aquarium has tight fitting coverslides, as thesefish are expert jumpers. Lighting should be turned on and off gradually, so asnot to startle these fish. Not recommended for beginners.


Absolutely MUST be kept in anestablished tank with plenty of live rock and a living sand bed, which willprovide a natural supply of tiny invertebrate foods and various types of filamentousalgae. In addition, offer small meaty items such as vitamin-enrichedbrineshrimp, baby brineshrimp, finely chopped Mysis shrimp, finely choppedkrill etc.; however, be sure to make the foodstuffs a small enough size for theCourt Jester Goby to eat, and target feed where necessary.


This species has spawned inthe home aquarium, but raising the microscopic larvae is extremely challenging.The male will create a suitable cave, usually under the rockwork and willentice the female to spawn. Once the egg mass has been laid/fertilised, themale drives off the female and guards the cave until the eggs hatch, which isusually at around 72 hours (temperature dependent). The resultant larvae arejust under 2mm in length and will require feedings of miniscule foods once theyolk sac has been absorbed.

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