Korallen Zucht- Zeobak 10ml

A liquid solution containing several strains of bacteria. Dosing of microorganisms can be used as food for the corals.

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Το κόστος των μεταφορικών με ΚΤΕΛ είναι 10€ για παραγγελίες αξίας ως 50€. Από 51€ και άνω το κόστος των μεταφορικών είναι 7€ 


The essential microorganism solution for a healthy, well-balanced and efficient bacterial fauna in a tank. ZEObak contains several bacterial strains, used in combination with ZEOfood and ZEOstart building up bacteria plankton. That is absorbed by many corals. Contains several bacterial strains that form a chain to reduce unwanted substances.

ZEObak shelf life 2 years.
ZEObac consists of various strains of bacteria that form a chain in the reduction of organic compounds.

Breaking this chain leads to cycle disruptions and the accumulation of unwanted substances. For this reason, continuous dosing of bacterial strains is advisable.

Interrupting the dosing of bacteria for a long time leads to the inevitable dominance of one of the bacterial strains. Bacterial dosing works by a step-by-step cycle of reducing substances until the skimmer can remove them from the system.

The results will be visible in the form of an increase in the concentration of defoamed compounds in the period after dosing the bacteria. Bacteria should be added for a period of 10-14 days after replacing the ZEOvit (and when starting to use ZEOvit).

In order to maintain microorganisms, we recommend dosing during this period once or twice a week at the same doses. Overdosing in an aquarium with a small amount of organic compounds will darken the coral tissue.

This product has a limited shelf life as it contains cultures of living microorganisms. The closed bottle can be stored for 6 months in a refrigerator, after opening the storage time is about 3 months. Deterioration of the product can be identified by a foul odor. If this has happened some micro-organisms are dead and the product cannot be used. we recommend choosing the size of the bottle that we can use in 3 months. Better to choose smaller portions with more frequency. Make sure there is no contamination of the solution in the bottle (e.g. aquarium water).

Dose directly into the tank.
2. If possible please switch off the skimmer briefly.
3. Dose 1 drop per 25 gallons/100 L once or twice a week, depending on tank stocking.

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