Esha Trimarin 20ml


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Το κόστος των μεταφορικών με ΚΤΕΛ είναι 10€ για παραγγελίες αξίας ως 50€. Από 51€ και άνω το κόστος των μεταφορικών είναι 7€ 


eSHa Trimarin – 20ml Fights more than 12 DISEASES, the lower animals must be removed

Areas of application: Fin rot, spot disease, bleeding from the skin, mucous membrane rolls, skin haze, gill worms, skin fungus, open wounds, skin infections, squabbling, oodinium, coarse sea dot, fine sea tip, shaking of the head, tissue decay, frayed fins, nodule disease, sea horse disease etc.

When to use esha TRIMARIN?
Making the right diagnosis is the first step to successful and quick treatment of a disease. Most fish diseases are highly contagious and spread rapidly, so a quick diagnosis and treatment is recommended.
There are a number of predominant ‘early signals’ that need to be monitored because they can indicate the onset of a disease.

Skin: the skin is the first protection and immune system and usually also shows the first signs of an illness or defect due to an infection.
You must keep a close eye on every discolouration.

Fins: note the fins. If these are pressed close to the body of the fish, this often indicates a disease or deficiency. Especially with livebearing fish.

Swimming behavior : unusual swimming behavior or rocking can be characteristic of the presence of a disease.

Which fish can I treat with esha TRIMARIN?

All seawater fish can be treated with TRIMARIN. Do not use with tropical or cold water fish and be careful not to overdose on sensitive fish species.

Is esha TRIMARIN safe to use with lower animals?

No, TRIMARIN should not be used if your aquarium contains lower animal species such as, anemones,
corals and molluscs. These must be removed from the aquarium before using TRIMARIN.
To combat diseases in an aquarium that contains lower animals, use eSHa OODINEX.
OODINEX treated a narrower spectrum of diseases in seawater fish, however, is safe to use in
aquariums with lower animals.

What does esha TRIMARIN treat?

TRIMARIN treats the organisms responsible for a wide range of diseases and
symptoms (see the diagram below) in seawater fish. The symptoms of a disease are often similar,
however, it is not always possible to determine precisely which disease your fish has.
Fortunately, the danger of choosing the wrong treatment is virtually impossible because TRIMARIN
treated a wide range. It is important to keep in mind that TRIMARIN no
panacea is. It will not cure every ailment that can affect your fish.

20 ml is good for a maximum of 800 liters of seawater

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