Chaetodon Xanthurus - Pearlscale Butterflyfish



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Το κόστος των μεταφορικών με ΚΤΕΛ είναι 10€ για παραγγελίες αξίας ως 50€. Από 51€ και άνω το κόστος των μεταφορικών είναι 7€ 


The Pearlscale Butterflyfish is named because of the pearly white scales on its body. The scales have a black edge resulting in a magnificent black pattern over its white body. A black band runs vertically over its eye, and there is a black spot at the top of its forehead. An orange patch covers the rear of the body as well as the rear part of the dorsal and anal fins. An orange band also runs vertically down its tail.

This species is gonochoristic but determining any visual differences between sexes is difficult. There are no reports of successful breeding in captivity. In the wild, they are pelagic spawners whose eggs float in the water until hatching.

This species inhabits waters around Indonesia, the Philippines, and the Ryuku Islands. Its natural environment is on reefs and drop-offs between depths of 10-30 meters.

Tank Recommendations for your Pearlscale Butterflyfish

A single Pearscale Butterflyfish needs a tank size of at least 55 gallons (208.2 litres). The size will need to be increased if keeping 2 or more fish.

Pearlscale Butterflyfish are not considered reef safe as they will eat coral. A fish-only tank with plenty of space for swimming is a more suitable option. It should also contain plenty of rockwork with a variety of places to hide.

A mixture of sand and coral is ideal for the substrate. Slow water movement is preferable, although it can cope with a stronger flow.

Suitable Tank Buddies

The Pearscale Butterflyfish has a peaceful temperament. Fish with a similar temperament is its most suitable companions.

Due to its shyness, it shouldn’t be kept with more boisterous fish. A stressful environment may result in it refusing to eat food.

Usually Compatible

Conspecifics can cohabit, but it is best if they are introduced into the tank at the same time. Peaceful fish such as Fairy Wrasses, Gobies, and Dartfish are good companions.

Sometime Compatible

Semi-aggressive species such as Angelfish, Tangs, Anthias, and Clownfish will need monitoring. Caution is also advised with slow movers such as Pipefish, Seahorses, and Mandarins.

Rarely Compatible

Aggressive fish such as Dottybacks, Damselfish, Groupers, and Lionfish should be avoided. The Pearlscale Butterflyfish is considered a threat to invertebrates and some Corals.

Feeding your Pearscale Butterflyfish

Pearlscale Butterflyfish are omnivores. In the wild, their diet consists of invertebrates and algae. They need a varied diet in an aquarium. Suitable food includes nori seaweed, food flakes, pellets, sponge-based food, and shrimp. Adults need feeding two times per day, juveniles should be fed three to four times per day.

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